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Interview questions for Networking Engineer's( CCNA/CCNP and CCIE candidates )

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Please find some of the questions who are preparing for the interviews ( CCNA/CCNP)
These are the questions for the Network Engineer basic levels, we will come with more questions for the expert levels and also come up with the Labs.
  • What is VLAN ?
  • How is Root Bridge elected ?
  • Explain the LSA Types in OSPF ?
  • Explain different Areas in OSPF ?
  • What are the different attributes in BGP ?
  • Explain Successor and Feasible Successor in EIGRP ?
  • What is Spanning Tree ?
  • Explain EIGRP and OSPF packet types ?
  • Explain the States in OSPF ?
  • Why do we use Areas in OSPF ?
  • What is the difference between Layer 2 and Layer 3 Switching ?
  • Why do we use DR and BDR in OSPF ?
  • What is VTP ?
  • Explain HSRP,VRRP and GLBP ?
  • Explain why do we use Full Mesh in IBGP ?
  • Explain BGP Synchronization Rule ?
  • Explain the STP States ?
  • How will you configure OSPF in an interface ?
  • When will you use Weight, MED, ASPATH and LOCAL PREFERENCE ?
  • What is the Range of Private IP Address ?
  • What is NAT and ACL ?
  • Explain Policy Based Routing ?
  • What is VTP Join Messages ?
  • Tell me about Private VLANS ?
  • Why IP Helper command is used ?
  • What is SPAN, RSPAN ?
  • What is Proxy-ARP ?
  • What is BGP Communities ?
  • Why we are using " Always-Compared-MED" ?
  • What is the AD's of RIP, OSPF, EIGRP, BGP, IS-IS and Static Route ?
  • What is the Convergence Time of RSTP and how it is different from STP ?
  • Why we are using Port Fast in STP ?
  • What is Level 1 and Level 2 in IS-IS and how we can relate it with the OSPF working ?
  • How Ping/Trace works, Explain with example ?
  • why we are using RT and RD in MPLS ?
  • what is Push, POP and PHP in MPLS ?
  • Brief about RSVP in MPLS Traffic engg ?
  • How you can design a network with the requirement of 1500 Users in a network and what all devices you will use ?
  • How can you make your network Secure, what other challenges can be there to secure a network ?
  • How WAN optimization works ?
  • What is P-bit in NSSA area ? what is the significance of it ?
Will come with more. Prepare with these questions you will gonna rock :)

Thanks for visiting us, we will share more questions with you guys.


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